Kerrits Ice Fil Tech Tights – The Comfy Horse Company Review

My review on the Kerrits Ice Fil Tech Tights from The Comfy Horse Company. Perfect for the hot summer months!


What is it?

kerrits logo

Kerrits is a company that produces beautiful riding wear for equestrians. Founded in 1986 they began developing athletic wear for women that is super stretchy and comfortable. Starting with swimsuits they moved onto producing equine wear in 1991. They are constantly testing their fabrics to make sure they are the best for all weather conditions.

I am going to be looking at their Kerrits Ice Fil Tech Tights, from The Comfy Horse Company, as we are now moving into summer!

How does it work?

EAB_9621 edit1.jpg

The Kerrits Ice Fil Tech Tights are leggings specifically made for riding in hotter weather. They work by recycling your sweat to keep you cool. The special refrigerant application absorbs sweat and converts it into cooling energy. They can reduce your skin temperature by up to 5 degrees! They also provide great protection from the harmful UV sun rays, with a UPF of 50+. The inner legs are lined with a silicone grip known as Kerrit Sticks, for an anti-slip effect. This gives you stability in the saddle whilst not causing you to overheat like a pair of traditional full seat breeches would. They even have a deep pocket either side, so you always have somewhere to carry your phone during summer rides. They have a large size range of xs (0-2) to 2xl (20-22).

My experience.

One of the biggest issues I have when riding in the summer is the heat. As I’m in a lot of pain, I overheat very easily. Then when I wear normal leggings to ride in they either tear or my legs rub against the saddle, due to them being so thin. These Kerrits are the first special riding leggings I’ve tried before, so I was pretty excited to try them out.

EAB_9587 edit1.jpg

When I first tried them on, I found them extremely comfortable. I like my riding clothes to fit like a glove and these did exactly that with its fantastic four-way stretch material. I was worried that they looked small at first (I’m wearing a size xs), but they stretched so much that they fit perfectly! They are definitely thicker than normal leggings you’d buy for everyday wear, which makes them feel a lot hardier too. The ankle parts also have a ring of silicone grip on the end to stop them from riding up when you’re moving about. This is a great idea, as I know I’m not the only one that can’t stand the feeling of their jodhpurs rising up your leg and having to constantly pull them back down! I would have loved these as a kid, as I used to have to wear jodhpur clips to prevent this from happening, which aren’t the most attractive bits of gear around.

EAB_9606 edit1.jpg

One thing that really stood out was the incredibly deep pockets! They are placed across the thigh, rather than by the waistband, which means you can ride with your phone in your pocket without it digging in. I always find hacking in the summer difficult, as I have no where to put my phone, so the addition of these pockets is amazing. Once I dismounted from riding, I actually spent a while looking for my phone before realising it was in my pocket the whole time. It just shows how comfy they are!

To ride in these are just perfect. You can barely even feel that you are wearing tight fitting leggings, which my sensitive legs greatly appreciated! I rode on a very hot afternoon, well for the UK anyway (about 25 degrees), to give these the best test possible. This time, I decided to ride in the field rather than our indoor menage, which can be like a sauna in the summer, so I will have to update my Facebook page ( when I test them out in there.

EAB_9613 edit1

The Kerrits stretchiness helped out again, as mounting was made very easy with no restrictions like traditional breeches. Then the silicone patches on the inner leg provided a good grip to the saddle without feeling stuck down. I did find the silicone peeling away from my leather saddle during rising trot made a velcro-type noise, which Dave was a bit confused about at first. Then again I own the most dramatic horse ever! He soon settled down and ignored the noise. I loved the feel of the high waist band that doesn’t have any zips/buttons on it, so there was nothing to dig in whilst you’re riding. They really are the most comfortable riding wear I’ve ever worn!

EAB_9603 edit1.jpg

Now to the bit that they’re made for, did they really keep me cool? They work by reusing your sweat to lower the temperature of your legs. I definitely felt a difference in the sense that I didn’t have to peel myself out of the saddle from being so sweaty (sorry for the horrible image!), but they didn’t necessarily make me feel any cooler. I just didn’t get as hot as normal in the first place, which is great. They do the job they’re made to do! I was very impressed with them and hope to check out their other lines of quality equestrian clothing.


1) Very comfortable.

2) Great grip without feeling “stuck”.

3) You won’t get as hot whilst riding in them.


1) A little bit pricey for leggings.

2) They did get stuck in my boot zips, as they are so stretchy!

3) Can’t think of any others!

Are they worth it?

EAB_9610 edit1

Yes! There are lots of different riding leggings on the market, but these stand a level above the rest. They have an actual purpose to them as well as being comfortable gear to wear. As they help to keep you cooler, anyone who works on a yard would benefit from these. When it’s so hot you have to wear shorts, which can be potentially dangerous around horses, you now have the choice to wear these leggings. They will protect you from the harmful sun rays and your legs from any potential cuts etc! You can even get them in competition colours, so summer shows will be much comfier now.

Price – £69

Website –

Thank you for reading, I hope it was helpful for any future purchases! Feel free to comment, like and share.

Elise x

Haas Dark Bay/Black Brush Pack – Review

My review on the Haas Dark Bay/Black Brush Pack from Eqclusive.

What Is It?

EAB_9373 edit1.jpg

Haas is a German company that has been around since 1919, producing high quality brushes for horses. Their brushes are known for longevity, and being all round quality products. Each brush has been carefully designed to be able to do it’s exact purpose. The use of synthetic materials also means the brushes are much more hygienic and easy to wash.

How Does It Work?

EAB_9331 edit1.jpg

Eqclusive have put together sets of brushes from Haas to suit certain colours of horses and their coat types. There is a range between 4-5 brushes per set, depending on the horses’ colour. I am specifically looking at the Dark Bay/Black set for my black horse, Super Dave! Black horses tend to have sturdier hair that produces a lot of oil/sweat, so you can use harder brushes on them. By using the brushes in order, they work together to create a beautifully clean coat.

How To Use Them

EAB_9359 edit1.jpg
The information that came with the pack describes the old brushes, which was a little confusing. The ones I have are the new and improved versions. They are used in the same way, just with improved bristles/different colours!

1) The Parcour – Used to remove dust from deep within the coat.

2) The Lipizzaner – Removes sweat and oil to really clear the coat.

3) The Cavaliere – This brush removes the dirt brought up by the previous brushes.

4) The Coat Gloss – Removes any final bits of dirt whilst providing a shine to the coat.

5) The Diva Exklusiv – The final brush makes the coat super glossy for a show finish!

My Experience

I received these brushes when Dave was severely moulting, as I didn’t clip him this winter. He also only gets a proper groom once a month, due to me not being able to ride often. So, when I first went to use these brushes, Dave was quite a mess!

EAB_9478 edit1.jpg
EAB_9387 edit1.jpg

Starting with the Parcour brush, I went over his whole body and legs, just avoiding his head. He had solid mud on him at this point, but the brush was barely touching it, so I decided to get rid of any mud stuck to him with a plastic curry comb first. Once all of it was gone, I went back over with the Parcour. This really helped to bring up all the dirt and dust stuck in his coat. It also pulled out loads of loose hair. The one issue was, once all the hair started coming up, I couldn’t get rid of it! The area over his bum was very thick with hair and dust deep in the coat, and although the Parcour helped, it didn’t completely clear it.

EAB_9449 edit12

Then I used the Lipizzaner brush over his body and legs, avoiding his head again. This brush did a good job to remove any dirt that was still in his coat. However, I couldn’t tell the difference between the jobs of the Parcour and Lipizzaner brushes. They both are hard brushes that remove dirt from the coat. I guess doing it twice in a row just helps to clean the coat more!

EAB_9415 edit1.jpg

With the Cavaliere brush, I went over his body, legs and head, as this brush is slightly softer than the previous two. I was still careful around his head though, as they are quite big brushes compared to the size of a normal face brush. The Cavaliere is the last of the “cleaning” brushes and helped to remove any of the dirt brought up to the surface by the previous two brushes. I started to see that Dave’s coat was beginning to look cleaner now. I was still having trouble with the amount of hair that was coming off him though. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Warmblood moult this much before!

EAB_9427 edit1.jpg
Coat Gloss.

The next brush is the Coat Gloss, which I used over his full body. This is a softer brush with thickly packed bristles. I enjoyed using this brush, as you can start to see a shine come through your horse’s coat whilst the remainder of the dirt disappeared. This was great at cleaning any sweat marks off Dave’s face from his turnout headcollar that he wears during the day. His legs even looked like they had been baby oiled by this point!

EAB_9447 edit1.jpg
Diva Exklusiv.

The final of the 5 brushes I used was the Diva Exklusiv. This is a really unique brush as it’s made of lambswool with a border of short black horse hair bristles. I’ll definitely be taking this brush with me to any shows in the future! I went over his full body with this brush and I loved how it picked up any last bits of dirt without pulling any more loose hair out. It really finished off the groom and Dave definitely looked clean at this point. It also leaves a natural shine to your horses coat. With the other brushes I cleaned the dirt out by using a plastic curry comb in between strokes, but I didn’t with this brush as it’s such a soft and delicate brush. Instead I used my fingers to flick off any loose hair/dirt stuck to it.

EAB_9553 edit1.jpg

It took me at least 40mins to groom with the whole set, but I soon learnt you don’t need to take that much time on each brush. It may seem that you have more dirt to get off, but as you are using multiple brushes the dirt left will be taken off with subsequent brushes.

A few weeks later I went to use the set again. Dave hadn’t been brushed in between yet his coat still looked shiny! I was definitely impressed with that, as he has been turned out naked for a while now. I didn’t have as much time to groom before riding this time, so I chose to use a plastic curry comb to remove any dried mud, then the Parcour, the Cavaliere and the Coat Gloss for a quick groom that took around 15mins in total. This worked just as well and left his coat looking super clean and healthy!

When I made the video showing how to use the whole set, Dave had finished moulting. Hooray! This really gave the brushes a chance to work properly. I was much more impressed this time around and finally understood the hype behind these brushes! Black horses tend to be naturally shiny, but with these brushes Dave looked ready to go out for some dressage.


1) High quality brushes.

2) Leave a good shine to the coat.

3) Having the set will make you want to groom more!


1) Relatively pricey.

2) Seem quite delicate, although they are meant to last a long time.

Are They Worth It?

Yes! I have never had any good quality brushes before, and the most I’ve ever spent on a single brush was £10, so it was really lovely to use these luxury items. It really felt like you are giving your horse a spa treatment! I did find they definitely work better when your horse isn’t moulting or has a thinner coat. They aren’t a necessity, but if you compete a lot these would be amazing to add to the collection, so you can avoid bathing in the winter. They would be perfect for show horses too! I’d recommend buying a set over single brushes though, as they seem pricey to purchase that way. If you have multiple horses that are different colours, then they do a universal set to suit all. Treat yourself or get someone to treat you for a birthday present!

Price – £100 (price varies for each set).

Website –

Thank you for reading and feel free to ask any questions!



Elise x

EquiXtreme UK – Product Review

I was lucky enough to be chosen to review a range of products from EquiXtreme UK! Here are my findings after using their products.

What Is It?


EquiXtreme UK is a company that produces a range of equine grooming and cleaning products. They are formulated to be effective and gentle enough for daily use, as well as working for all breeds/types of horses. I was chosen to review a set of their products including: the Detangler, Anti-Fly Spray, Leather Cleaner & Conditioner, Hair Polish, and the Purple Stain Remover. Let’s look at one product at a time. Keep in mind that these photos are of the mini tester versions, not the full size products. I have included the prices of the full sized products.

The Detangler

EAB_9048 detangler
Mane & Tail Detangler

The Detangler is made to do exactly what it says on the bottle – detangle manes and tails! Most detanglers come in a spray bottle and is very liquidy, but this one comes in a squeezy bottle and is a thicker oily texture. Just like a human hair oil! The oily texture really helps to spread the product evenly throughout the hair.

This product can also be used in the horse’s feather, as well as helping to remove mud, burrs or anything else that gets stuck in your horse’s hair. After use, it continues to keep the hair moisturised whilst helping to repel dust and mud. It’s supposed to keep the users hands nourished too, so no having to wash your hands off every time you use it!

How To Use It

To apply, you only need a small 20p coin-sized blob of the product, rub it between your hand, then run it through the horse’s mane/tail, and finally you can brush it through.

My Opinion

EAB_9056 edit1

When I went to use this product for the first time, Dave hadn’t had his tail properly brushed for a rather long time! It was very knotted and covered in mud. I used a decent amount of the Detangler, just because his tail was such a mess, and worked it through his tail, concentrating on the ends. Using my normal hair brush, I brushed through the tail, holding a section then working upwards. I did have to reapply the Detangler when I got to the middle of the tail, as there were a lot of knots that were hard to get out, but his tail never felt greasy. It smells lovely too! I did find the reason that it’s in a squeezy bottle, rather than a spray one, a bit harder to use. You have to put down your brushes to open the bottle and use two hands to get the product out to distribute it.

EAB_9092 edit1

After a few weeks, I went to see Dave again and his tail felt really soft. It was much easier to brush than normal, which meant it was kinder on Dave, due to less snags, and was quicker for me to brush through. That means there is even more time for riding!


Cyclotetrasiloxane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Phenyl Trimethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate, Fragrance (Parfum)

Price – £17.50

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

EAB_9142 editblog
The Leather Conditioner & Cleanser

Made to be used on all types of leather products, these cleansers come in spray bottles to make cleaning an easy and quick process. This also makes them great for use at shows, as they don’t need any water to activate the product. The cleaner won’t dry out the leather either! The Conditioner smells like coconut and leaves a high shine finish, as well as leaving a waterproof barrier on the leather.

How To Use It

Using the Leather Cleaner, spray a small amount onto the surface of the product you are looking to clean. Using a soft cloth/sponge, work the product into the leather until it is soaked in. Once the product is clean, spray a small amount of the Leather Conditioner onto the leather and work it in using a soft cloth. You can continue to buff it in with the cloth for an extra shine!

EAB_9198 edit1
The Conditioner in action

My Opinion

After riding I decided to try these products out on my Amerigo saddle, and PS Of Sweden bridle. They are completely different types of leather, so I could really see how these cleansers work. I loved how easy the sprays were to use, especially when you’re in a rush after riding. I’m always in a lot of pain after riding, so rarely get to clean my tack. These two products actually made this possible for me to do! You only need a small amount of each spray and it works really effectively. You don’t have to scrub at any sweat marks, the Cleanser just eats through the dirt for you. Most tack cleaners/conditioners have a specific, rather strong scent that riders recognise immediately, but these products smell great. Especially the Leather Conditioner, yum!

EAB_9167 edit1
In the how to video, I tested these products out on my old Klimke Miller saddle. It came up beautifully and is now super shiny!

My Amerigo saddle is made out of Calfskin, so I am careful about what kind of products I use on it. The Cleanser and Conditioner didn’t leave any marks on the saddle and soaked in within minutes. It left the leather looking really nourished and squeaky clean!

Then my PS Of Sweden bridle is made out of English leather and tends to be a bit awkward to clean. If you oil it, the oil will just sit on the surface for a long time and it’s hard to bring the shine back to it. When using the EquiXtreme products, it made the bridle super shiny and it looked like new again! I was definitely impressed with how it worked with my bridle and will continue to use these products for any future tack cleaning.

Leather Conditioner

EAB_9150 editblog
Leather Conditioner

Price – £12.16 – 300ml bottle.


Ethoxylated Alcohol, Water (Aqua), Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (Tetra Sodium EDTA), Water Soluble Dimethyl Silicone Fluid, Crosslinked Acrylic Acid Polymer.

Leather Cleanser

EAB_9143 editblog
Leather Cleaner

Price – £10.42 – 300ml bottle.


Ethoxylated Alkohol, Water (Aqua), Sodium Hydroxide, Propylene Glycol n-Butyl Ether, Fragrance, Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (tetra sodium EDTA).

Super Shine Hair Polish

EAB_9048 edithairpolish
Super Shine Hair Polish

The Hair Polish is a spray on product made to leave a high shine finish to the horse’s coat. Once applied it will bring out the natural colouring whilst repelling any dust or dirt. It will help to tame unruly mane and tails, as it reduces the appearance of split ends, whilst sticking down any flyaways. This is great for show use, or even for photo shoots!

How To Use It

Spray the product onto the horse’s coat sparingly, then work it in either using a soft body brush, or a soft towel. To use on mane and tail, spray the product on then brush through with your normal hairbrush.

My Opinion

I used the spray after giving Dave a full groom. As he is moulting very badly at this time of year, even after being groomed his coat looks a bit dull. I sprayed a small amount onto his coat, then brushed it in with a soft body brush. It left a lovely natural looking shine, without leaving an oily film behind. I love that you can use it underneath your saddle, as most polish sprays make the hair extremely slippery, which is risky if you get some under the saddle area. It makes the hair seem healthier, and lasts for quite a while without having to reapply.

Price – £21.16 (710ml)


Water (Aqua), Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclotetrasiloxane, Dimethicone, Cetrimonium Chloride, Phenyl Trimethicone, PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone, Fragrance (Parfum), Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol.

Stain Removing Coat Whitener

EAB_9579 edit1.jpg

This stain remover is made to remove stains from white or lighter patches of fur. There is no water or shampoo needed. The formula is PH-Neutral, so it is gentle on those sensitive white patches. It can also be used to highlight bright areas on your horse. The purple tint is great for brightening white patches too!

How To Use It

Spray the purple liquid onto the patch of white hair that is stained, then work it in using a damp sponge. You can then brush it over with a soft brush if needed.

My Opinion

Dave is completely black, except for a very small white star and patch on his left back coronet so I didn’t have much to test it out on! I sprayed it onto his dry coronet patch, and then rubbed it in with a warm damp sponge. I found it works better if the sponge is a little more wet. Not dripping, but enough to get a bit more lather out of the spray. I noticed that if you have even a tiny bit of mud/dirt under the hair you are spraying it on, the spray dissolves it and spreads it into the white patch. I accidentally turned his white patch a slight brown colour! I’d definitely recommend thoroughly brushing and double checking the stained area for mud even if it is dry. I will be looking to borrow a grey/white horse next to give it a proper chance on a real stain!

EAB_9523 edit
Please ignore the filthy feet!

Price – £12.91 (300ml)


Water (Aqua), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Coca midopropyl Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Hydrolyzed Silk, Lavandula Angustifolia Flower Extract, Panthenol, Disodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Fragrance (Parfum), Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Violet 2 CI 60730.

Anti-Fly Spray

EAB_9569 editb1.jpg

The Anti-Fly Spray is made to repel horse flies, and other insects from your horse. It can be used in the stable, whilst riding, or in the field. The unique mix of ingredients mean it lasts for a long time, even on sweaty horses!

How To Use It

Holding the bottle 20-30cm away from your horse, spray it evenly avoiding any open wounds. To apply to the face, spray it onto a brush or sponge and apply it, avoiding the eyes and nose.

My Opinion

The weather is currently still too cold for many flies to be about, but I will update this blog when I get the chance to see it in action! I checked out the product though and it smelt amazing. It had that typical “Citronella” scent, but much more pleasant. This means it’s mild enough to use on those sensitive horses!

Price – £24.61 (710ml)


Water (Aqua), Cymbopogon Nardus Oil, Polysorbate-20, Melia Azadirachta Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid.

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Elise x

Common Misconceptions About Scoliosis

Here are the top 6 misconceptions about Scoliosis I have heard over the years!

For those of you that don’t know, Scoliosis is the curvature of the spine, that can affect the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar spine, or a mixture of them all. I personally have a double major curve, with my worst curve being in my Lumbar spine (47 degrees), and another curve going through my Thoracic ribcage area (32 degrees). To visualise it better, my spine is basically a twisted S shape, although I had the Lumbar curve straightened now. It originally straightened all the way down to 7 degrees, which is amazing, but I believe it has moved again once I had the support rods removed. Sadly my Thoracic curve cannot be operated on, due to other complications it would cause.

During my time living with Scoliosis, I have found that although it is a common, relatively well known condition, not a lot of people actually understand what it is. They are totally ignorant to how it actually affects people on a daily basis. I thought I’d cover some of the most common misconceptions about Scoliosis that I’ve heard before, then put them straight again. Unlike my spine!

1) That everyone has the same experience.

Most of the unwanted comments I get are from people that have a mild form of Scoliosis, and don’t have any symptoms from it, so don’t expect me to either. Every disability or condition affects people differently. Our bodies are not the same, we are all individuals, therefore we all will have different experiences. Scoliosis just means a curvature of the spine. There are so many different degrees of curves that can exist, which then cause a whole load of different symptoms. I ended up with symptoms that surprised even my Scoliosis surgeon!

2) Scoliosis doesn’t cause pain.

Oh boy! I could go on forever about how false this statement is. I’ve even read posts from actual qualified doctors that believe that Scoliosis is just a deformity that doesn’t cause any pain, at all. Mind numbing!

I can tell you that with a more severe Scoliosis curve, you will be incredibly lucky to not be in any pain at all. You will find the odd exceptions where the person has found a way to control their pain, and not let it affect their lives, but they will not be completely without pain. I definitely experienced lots of pain. Scoliosis forces your muscles to move around the curve in your spine, which is an unnatural position for your body to be in. That can’t possibly not cause pain!

3) Braces will fix the curve.

This is an interesting topic for sure. My blog, Brace Yourself, is actually named after an essay I wrote for my English GCSE about why Braces don’t always work (I got an A* for it too!). Sadly I can’t find it anymore, so can’t post it on here! Long story short, braces may work for minor curves, if you catch them early enough, but there is always a chance the curve will come back. They aren’t usually recommended for curves over 35 degrees, and a lot of surgeons don’t like them either.

Bracing can also take a huge emotional toll on you too. It’s very uncomfortable, and visible. If in school when wearing it, it’s not always a pleasant experience, and can sadly result in bullying. There is lots more information about braces online. I’d suggest doing lots of research on them before making your final decision!

4) Surgery will fix everything!

Now this is where it gets complicated, and scary. I don’t want to put anyone off surgery, as a lot of the time it is medically necessary, but I want to educate people on what is actually involved in this surgery. Your surgeon will give you a detailed overview of the surgery, the benefits and the not so good parts, but I found most of my experience wasn’t ever mentioned to me before hand. I would have felt much more at ease if I knew these side effects were “normal” before experiencing them!

When I had my first surgery, I went into it completely ignorant as to what would happen. My parents were probably more nervous than I was! I saw it as something I just had to do, then I’d go back to my normal life soon afterwards. When in reality the week I spent in hospital was horrendous. I was either completely drugged out on high levels of IV Morphine, or screaming in pain, which lead to me being given even more drugs. The anaesthetic causes terrible issues when coming out of your system too. My stomach was a wreck for at least a month, and almost had me hospitalised again. I was also catheterised, which for a young teen isn’t the most pleasant experience!

Then the real struggle was the recovery at home. I was bed bound for a long time, and couldn’t even sit up without throwing up. I would have to be manually turned by my parents every two hours to prevent bed sores, which is a huge palaver! I also had a lot of pain, and numbness in my right leg, which turned out to be where the surgeon accidentally cut through a nerve, causing permanent nerve damage to that leg.

Then fast forward to just under a year later, I had started to struggle to breathe, to the point I thought I was going to suffocate. It turned out my body was rejecting the metal rods holding my spine together, so I had to have another surgery to remove them. This is quite rare, and unusual, so it’s unlikely you would experience this after surgery, but it is still a possibility I was never told about.

Although having the rods removed helped my breathing a bit, I still have a lot of issues with my ribcage/lungs, due to my upper curve that couldn’t be fixed. I can’t do any cardio exercises, or even play the Clarinet anymore, as I end up painfully out of breath very quickly. It even affects me when walking up the stairs.

I have other side effects from my Scoliosis surgery that affect me to this day. Although I couldn’t have survived without the surgery, it has not completely “cured” me. I still have Scoliosis, and always will!

This blog gives a more detailed explanation as to what my full experience was with Scoliosis surgery –

5) Scoliosis isn’t a disability!

A lot of people seem to think that I can’t possibly be disabled, or that I’m making it up, because I “just” have Scoliosis, which is a ridiculous statement to make! Let’s look at the definition of “disability”. It means “a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities.” If your Scoliosis affects you in this way, then yes, it is a disability. Scoliosis can also affect people in the long term, as it cannot necessarily be cured. This would make it count as a disability too. As I said before, no one will have the same experience.

Although my experience was terrible, I never saw my Scoliosis as a disability. I actually didn’t talk about it much at the time. Not many people knew anything had happened to my spine, until they saw my scar. I decided to start this blog as I had an accident on my moped a few years after my Scoliosis surgery, which kickstarted my other spinal conditions. Once these conditions got to the point I could barely walk anymore, I began to consider myself as disabled.

And one more for luck…

6) Scoliosis can be cured!

Scoliosis isn’t a “curable” condition so to say. It is a structural deformity that can be stabilised, and straightened as much as possible with surgery, but never actually cured. I’ve had the surgery to “fix” my curve, yet I still live with pretty life changing medical issues.

My lung capacity isn’t great, due to my ribcage “crushing” them. I get agonising muscular pain from my muscles fighting against the straightened part of my spine. My spine also didn’t accept where it was placed after surgery, so over the years it has slowly twisted again. Although no where near to the extent it was before luckily!

My nerve damage in my leg is permanent, and causes a lot of pain and numbness. Then theres the all over issue of me being twisted. My arms sit at different lengths, due to my shoulder blades being twisted, and one leg also sits shorter than the other from my Lumbar curve. If I stand for a long time my back gets really painful, so I then have to spend the following days in bed to recover. These are all things I have to live with for the rest of my life.

I hope this was helpful, and gives those looking into treatment for their Scoliosis an inside view on what to expect. I also hope it helps to educate those who do not understand Scoliosis, and that they will not judge others in the future. If anyone has any other questions, feel free to comment or message me, and I will try to answer it the best I can!

Thank you for reading,

Elise x

The Husk Titan 3D Shield Air Target Protection Boots – The Comfy Horse Company Review

My review of the Husk boots from The Comfy Horse Company.

What Is It?

EAB_9131 edit1

The Husk is an English company that produces a range of equine products. What makes them special is that they use a specific material that enhances thermoregulation and durability. Their range of products include saddle cloths, boots, and even rugs. For the month of March, The Comfy Horse Company sent me a pair of the Husk’s Titan 3D Shield Air Target Protection boots to review. These are their equivalent of brushing boots, and can be used for any activity.

How Does It Work?

The material has a mesh-like appearance that contains no neoprene or foam. This mesh is what makes their products extremely breathable. Each product varies in thickness, texture etc of the material used, in order to suit that particular use.

The outer layer of the boots consists of two holed layers separated by thousands of mono-filament fibres (man-made single strands). This creates a tunnel-like effect, meaning air can flow freely between the layers, ultimately keeping your horse’s legs cooler. It also means any heat or sweat is able to evaporate away, rather than getting trapped between the boot and your horse’s legs. The special mono-filament fibres also provide greater protection to your horse’s legs, due to the spongy texture absorbing any impact.

Another bonus to this special material is that the boots also dry a lot quicker than other boots. On average they take 30 minutes to dry, after being fully submerged in water. This is great, as you will always have clean and dry boots ready to use on your horse! You no longer have to worry about any dirt rubbing against your horse’s legs during use. They are perfect for cross country too, as they don’t hold water, whilst being very lightweight (160g per boot).

Every product from The Husk is scientifically tested in multiple ways to make sure it does what it is designed to do.  Their results are regularly posted on their blog –

My Experience

As I no longer ride much anymore due to my disability, I didn’t clip Dave this winter. This means he gets extremely sweaty when working, and takes a long time to dry afterwards. After I ride I’m in a lot of pain, so anything that reduces how much he sweats is a great help for me.

The boots are extremely lightweight, and soft to feel. This is very interesting, as normal brushing boots tend to have a hard strike pad to help against legs knocking. I was a bit skeptical on how much protection the Husk boots would offer, as they don’t have this hard pad on them. They are thicker in place of the strike pad, but still very spongy. They felt a bit more like dressage wraps than brushing boots. Dave is a big moving horse, so protection is my number one concern when riding.

I heard Dave brush his legs together a few times during our ride, and his legs were perfectly protected still. The mesh material also means no scratches appear on the boots after any knocks!

EAB_9126 edit1

They are a lovely fit on the horse’s legs, moulding perfectly to their shape. I did however struggle with the Velcro. It is pretty strong to pull apart, and as I struggle with nerve damage in my arms, it took a while for me to open the boots up. This may just be a personal problem, that able bodied people would never notice. However, this does mean that they definitely won’t be coming off when riding, which is a plus! They didn’t slip at all whilst riding too.

Once I had finished riding, I noticed that none of the menage sand had stuck to the boots, when usually I have to brush it off between uses. They looked like new still. When I took them off, Dave’s legs were dry, and didn’t feel hot at all! The boots hadn’t just soaked up the sweat either, so were also completely dry. I had some Premier Equine fetlock boots on his back legs, and they left a slight sweat-shaped mark behind. I was very impressed at how well they worked! The Husk products definitely live up to their claims. All their research really shows how much effort has been put into creating this product!

I personally don’t think they are as smart as my other boots, aesthetically speaking, but as they do the job they are made to do, this doesn’t affect my positive opinion on them.


  1. Non-heating.
  2. Lightweight.
  3. Porous/don’t hold water.


  1. Not quite as smart as other boots on the market.

Is It Worth It?

Yes! The boots live up to all the claims made. They also fill an important gap in the market, as I haven’t found any other boots for riding that do what The Husk products do! Any heat produced around your horse’s legs can cause a lot of damage to their tendons, so these boots do a very important job. They would be great for turnout use too!

Price: £60 (per pair) –